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Gentle Hands, only for the Ladies and Girls!

Алматы | Добавлено: 23 сентября 2016, номер объявления: 305641

Gentle Hands, only for the Ladies and Girls!, 0 тг, По договоренности

Алматы | 23 сентября 2016, Профессиональный Массажист, номер объявления: 305641, просмотры: 80
    Hello, Dear Ladies and Girls!
    The massage therapist - the professional (i'm 35 y.o), offers different types of massage for your body (from simple and zone, to the combined types, and also different complexes, including a peeling and bathing)!
    "Gentle +" a combined massage types, for example: on all body + foot massage, or the general + can, duration is 90 minutes, cost is 7000 tenges.
    "Relax and Tonic" - a relax massage, duration is 90 minutes, cost is 7000 tenges.
    "Thai Classic" - the Thai traditional massage directed to flexibility \elasticity of muscles and joints of your body, duration of 90 minutes, the cost of 7000 tenges.
    "Gentle Skin" - a mechanical peeling of all your body, with the subsequent massage, complex duration - about 120 minutes, the cost of 9000 tenges (bathing, is not included in the cost of the procedure, but negotiable).
    "Yoni Massage" - the gentle and delicate massage directed to awakening of sensuality of a female body, also, bears in itself improving function as, there is an impact on internals, different zones (including erogenous) and points of your body; duration of a complex is 120 minutes, cost is 22 000 tenges.
    All types of massage (except by zone), become on all your body, from the head to finge, I use olive oil, or any your means; conditions on phone or by mail).
    On departure (+1000 tg), at any time convenient for you (round the clock), within Almaty!
    I wait for your calls and invitations!
    Please, don't hesitate to contact me!
    Call, invite and have an enjoy for the your soul and body!
    to you!
    P.S. To permanent clients, a discounts.
    Also, i have a motivation program.
    Свяжитесь с автором объявления
    Профессиональный Массажист

    - Будьте бдительны!
    - Старайтесь встречаться лично с продавцом для покупки товара.
    - Не отправляйте деньги, пока не получили товар.
    - Если вы нашли странные ошибки в словах, лучше сторониться таких объявлений.

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    Профессиональный Массажист
    частное лицо
    на сайте с 22 сентября 2016
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