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Glycerin vegetable wholesale and retail

Астана | Добавлено: 22 мая 2016, номер объявления: 259660

Glycerin vegetable wholesale and retail, 12 тг

Астана | 22 мая 2016, Менеджер, номер объявления: 259660, просмотры: 86
  • Состояние: Новое 
Glycerin transparent viscous substance. Alkaline is obtained by mixing in oils and fats. At temperature below 5 degrees becomes thick, the lower the temperature will cause freezing and crystallization. The main property of the product, except that it is almost natural, is to retain moisture in the subcutaneous layer. Without giving too dry cells, it slows down the aging process. All homogeneously soluble in oils and alcohols, glycerol, an essential ingredient in the composition of cosmetic preparations. It is not toxic and does not cause allergic reactions. Amazing ingredient which is unparalleled in nature.
The remarkable quality of the product to absorb moisture from the environment, protecting our skin from drying out. Mixing glycerin with other useful components, it penetrates deep into the dermis and nourishing it with all the essential trace elements.
Be vigilant in working with these components! He was the first application of moisturizing and silky make even the most delicate skin, but the amount should not exceed 7%, and only with the addition of fatty oils and beneficial vitamins.
Manufacturer: Turkey
• smoothing;
• adsorbent;
• retain moisture;
• nutrient;
• moisturizing;
• soothing;
• non-toxic;
• softening.
• hair masks;
• in pure form;
• shampoos;
• Handmade soap;
• cream;
• soap from scratch;
• massage oil;
• liquid substances;
• air conditioners;
• care cosmetics nail.
It complies with European food safety. Confirmed as a food additive E422 Glycerol.
Soap-opt.kom.yua supplies to Ukraine for nearly 60% of its products to create cosmetics and liquids for electronic cigarettes. Our quality pledge of your health.
We deliver your orders in all cities of the CIS, Europe, Russia and the World.
We VKontakte: club57393184
Ќаш сайт: мыло-опт com ua
+38(063)69-00-756 - +38(095)81-13-091
+38(095)81-13-092 - +38(063)69-00-672
1st deadlock Sandy, 10, Poltava, Kremenchuk, 39600, Ukraine
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