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Объявление снято с публикации
7 ноября 2016

Sony PCM-7040

Алматы | Добавлено: 11 ноября 2014, номер объявления: 24581

Sony PCM-7040, 60 000 тг

Алматы | 11 ноября 2014, номер: 24581, просмотры: 454
  • Состояние: Б/у 
High-End DAT-рекордер студийного качества SONY PCM-7040 пришёл на смену предыдущим моделям PCM-7030 и PCM-7050.

Оригинальная цена на момент выпуска составляла 10200 долларов США.

Предлагаемый аппарат произведён в Японии, адаптирован к местной электросети 220В.
В идеальном состоянии!!!
Пробег головки менее 20-ти часов!!!
ЦАП выполнен на легендарной гибридной микросхеме PCM69!!!

* 2 channel time code DAT audio recorder with comprehensive external control and synchronization capabilities
* Included as standard; Time Code Reader/Generator, Digital I/O, Memory Start, RS-232C I/F, and Edit Memory
* Compact, lightweight and low power consumption
* Start ID level Sync Function enables the PCM-7040 to write a Start ID automatically each time the audio level rises from period of silence and exceeds a selectable audio threshold
* Internal clock for Time Date allows the automatic time-stamping of recording. This date and time data can be read later from the tape on any PCM-7040
* Eject Control via 37-pin Parallel Remote
* Key Reassignment for ease of use
* Support the Sony ISR (Interactive Status Reporting) System which allows the user to remotely monitor and report the Status of critical performance parameters within the unit (via RS-232C or modem)
* External Synchronization-The PCM-7040 recorder, with digital I/O and a time code reader/generator provided as standard, can be locked to a variety of external reference signals
* General Purpose Interfacing facility 37-pin connector provides an interface to the RM-D7100 remote controller or to a synchronizer for remote control of transport functions.
* Comprehensive Serial Remote Control 9-pin remote connector for convenient control from external equipment
* Subcode Recording
* Search/Locate Function-
* Time Code Locate
* Cueing
* Start ID Search
* Program Number and End ID Locate
* Blank Search
* Input Signal Level Control
* Variable Speed Recording


* Quantization : 16-bit linear
* Modulation : 8 to 10 modulation
* Recording time : 124 minutes (with Sony PDP-124)
* Sampling frequency : 48kHz, 44.1kHz
* Variable speed range : 12.5% playback
* Frequency response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+-0.5 dB)
* Power requirements : AC 120V (10% 60 Hz
AC 230V +6/-10% 50/60Hz)
* Power consumption : approx. 38 W at AC 120V
approx. 0.3 A at AC 230V