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Объявление снято с публикации
28 марта 2017

Стильный женский телефон со стразами, Модель: Flip Mobile phone W11

Алматы | Добавлено: 24 сентября 2015, номер объявления: 154605

Стильный женский телефон со стразами, Модель: Flip Mobile phone W11, 17 000 тг

Алматы | 24 сентября 2015, номер: 154605, просмотры: 146
  • Марка телефона: Другая марка 
Стильный женский телефон со стразами, Модель: Flip Mobile phone W11

11 Flip Phone with Camera Bluetooth Dual SIM 1.8 inch screen light luxury cell phone

Flip ultra-thin models we have ever had a model k16, which was very popular hot, but I think it's better.
This quad band, single SIM, support FM, MP3, MP4, etc. Can work all over the world. Therefore, please do not hesitate to buy it if you like.
Screen parameter: 1.8 inch 260,000 color; Resolution: 240x320 PX
Phone: 64 chord; Supported file formats: mp3, MIDI
Music: MP3 and background play, support equalizer, and can be used to download mp3 make rings
Film: Mp4, Support 3 gp, MP4 movie full screen play
Camera functions: 300000, HD pixels; Support for HD movie may sound chamber, in accordance with the size of the memory card and decide
-Radio: Do not support
Memory capacity: Memory 287 kb / maximum level of support 4G memory expansion
Data Transfer: Usb / U disk / file transfer
Image Format: Jpg, GIF
Fuselage address book: 500 group card phone book type,, ring the bell, the bell group, and can be used to download mp3 make rings, Sms / mms 200 text messages, MMS fifty article
To: Support for custom switch machine
Three groups alarm clock, can set MP3 ring, and you can set the alarm clock from Monday to Sunday
Java: Do not support
Call function: IP dial,
Other features: The mp3, MP4 functions, hands-free calls, SMS mass, the recording function wap, bluetooth-headset, GPRS download, Memory extended, one card of residence. Bluetooth-headset, calendars, charts, alarm clock, calculator, exchange rate calculation, world time, mobile phone QQ background operations to hang QQ, breathing lamp function,
Supported Networks: GSM
Suitable frequency: 900/1800 MHz
Time to market: 2012.08
Input Mode: Keyboard
Appearance: Flip Plastic
Head weight: 59 g (including battery)
Gross: 200g

Unlock Phones: Yes
Display Color: Color
Design: Flip
CPU: Single Core
Cellular: GSM
Touch Screen Type: Not Touch Screen
Display Size: 1.8
SIM Card Quantity: Single SIM Card