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Объявление снято с публикации
24 сентября 2017

TRANSLATOR in Astana. 87015945500

Астана | Добавлено: 7 февраля 2016, номер объявления: 217155

TRANSLATOR in Astana. 87015945500, 0 тг, Договорная

Астана | 7 февраля 2016, номер: 217155, просмотры: 127
    TRANSLATOR in Astana. Consecutive interpretation in Astana. Simultaneous interpretation in Astana.
    Contact phone in Kazakhstan: 8 701 594 55 00 (Tania)
    We provide the following services: consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for special events, conferences, exhibitions, negotiations and business meetings, trainings, presentations, telephone conversations, audio or video conference communication and etc.
    We are offering the interpretation from English to Russian and from Russian to English for the following business events:
     Business negotiations;
     Telephone conversations;
     Seminars, conferences, forums, meetings, round-table discussion;
     Briefings, press-conferences;
     Presentations, exhibitions;
     Official buffets, festive events;
     Assembling and commissioning of the equipment with foreign expert;
     Interpreting in a court, with representatives of official bodies;
     Excursions for foreign visitors, meetings at airport and accompaniment of foreign visitors;
     Interpreting services for foreign delegations;
    Our interpreting services include:
     Legal consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
     Economic consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
     Technical consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
     Oil and gas consecutive and simultaneous interpretation;
     Medical consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and other areas.
    8 $ per an hour of interpretation from Russian to English and from English to Russian;
    50 $ per a day of interpretation from Russian to English and from English to Russian.
    Additional services:
    Administrative support of foreigners (arrangement of meetings, assistance in arranging the private business in Kazakhstan and All Over the World)
    Contact phone in Kazakhstan: 8 701 594 55 00 (Tania)
    Contact e-mail: britishkazakhstantranslationss@gmail.com
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