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Объявление снято с публикации
7 декабря 2017

Infrared window for thermography, diagnostics of electrical equipment,

Караганда | Добавлено: 24 февраля 2015, номер объявления: 57916

Infrared window for thermography, diagnostics of electrical equipment,, 100 тг

Караганда | 24 февраля 2015, номер: 57916, просмотры: 235
    Universal technical maintenance and repairs of the equipment" BALTECH has developed in 2000. In 2006 we developed the concept of "Trusted hardware", and in 2011 adopted a new strategy Reliability technologies.
    The concept of Reliability technologies based on the statistics of the most common and frequently occurring defects in industrial equipment.
    Statistics BALTECH allows you to determine the most "weak" units of machines and mechanisms, so that after the analysis to make changes in repair technologies to improve equipment reliability in further exploitation. Thus, our concept has the philosophy of "eternal" mechanism.
    Here is an example from a Technical audit conducted by our company on one of the metallurgical enterprises.
    The main energy Department had many unplanned (emergency) downtime of equipment: switchboards, panelboards, switchboards, automation and server boards, which they were periodically monitored using thermometers BALTECH TL-0212C.
    From the point of view of safety the company BALTECH during the Technical audit, it was revealed violation of the regulations, which are strictly prohibited to open the panels under tension. But this exception was taken electricians and power engineers to perform thermal diagnostics (monthly temperature control) this type of equipment and other facilities under their responsibility.
    For safety it is possible to perform the work with open cabinets and main distribution boards only if the specialist is dressed in full special jumpsuit electrician. This type of service in the enterprise has never been. The cost of imported specialized jumpsuit electrician with gloves, mask and boots was 1250€. To put all electricians were required to spend the amount on teams with a total number of 40 persons 50000€. Most importantly, if violated sealing jumpsuit electrician, he is not safe and security problem appears again. Time dressing and extra change of clothes, also create inconvenience for working professionals. Clothes need to carry or to go to a remote object in a full set of clothes.
    BALTECH has found a solution for universal and intelligent maintenance and repair of electrical equipment. For this metallurgical plant was proposed to be installed on all cabinets electrical infrared window (IR-windows) BALTECH TR-75W and BALTECH TR-95W, as well as the most modern thermal complex BALTECH TR-01800 Zorro with 3D multimedia video and matrix 640x480 pixels. This comprehensive solution strategy "reliability Technologies" allowed to perform the imager qualitative thermography, infrared Windows that were installed high or very low for your convenience connect 3D video glasses for detailed observations, and most importantly was secure, because there was no need to open all electrical cabinets. The most interesting thing is the new approach turned out to be cheaper and from an economic point of view. The cost of this solution in the complex was 39890€ c taxes and free training at the metallurgical plant at the r